Friendship Force of Greater Olympia Newsletter December 2020

Hello Friendship Force Members !

It has been such a long time since we last met. I miss seeing you all; sharing meals, travel memories and most of all smiles and laughter. The Friendship Force board met virtually last week, one thing we are agreed upon was it sure is hard to not have a chance to interact with each other as a club.

Tomm and Georgia (our co- presidents) have been great passing on specific news, and the Friendship Force International sends out regular updates. There is no shortage of information BUT we don􏰀t have any feedback from you. So here􏰀s the plan.

  1. Every few weeks I􏰀ll send out a newsletter with mostly bits of information I get from all of you. I'􏰀ll include FFI information, but really we want you to have a place where we can connect. Read the􏰁 starter questions􏰂 and take a moment to send me your reply. I􏰀'll pass on your answers/ comments 􏰃minus names􏰄 it􏰀s always fun to hear other folks ideas.

  2. We􏰀re going to set up the phone tree again just so we can have a chance to check in with each other, catch up on your news

President􏰅s Corner:

The Current slate of officers has agreed to serve in 2021 if there are no objections from the membership. Co-presidents: Georgia Shaw-Holden & Tomm Aldridge, Vice President: Leslie True, Club treasurer: Ted Samland, Journey treasurer: Anne Gabriel Secretary: Ann Smith, Member at Large: Gwen Harfst.

FFGO has made two charitable donations recently. $500 was donated to Bill & Judy Shrader of the Southern Oregon FF club to help in their loss of almost everything in the terrible fires near Ashland. A $150 donation to the Thurston County Food Bank was approved at the last meeting.

Journeys in 2021, both inbound and outbound are cancelled due to the pandemic􏰅s lasting effects and the timetable for controlling its spread. We look forward to a busy 2022 as we catch up with our plans and those of our visitors.page1image2526400 page1image2532160

So much has happened in your lives over the past 10 months. I􏰅m eager to share your news, positive and or negative, even changes in your contact information please send your updates to

Members update: Renee Corcoran is in treatment for pancreatic cancer. She asks please don't s􏰇end card􏰈s. Instead email or text her at; 360- 357-6764

Question, Question???

What are you planning to do for Christmas/ Hanukkah?

Write a reply, along with your name and send it to

It's􏰊􏰀􏰋 􏰊time to pa􏰌y y􏰌o􏰎ur 2021 F.F.G.O dues! Send your $30 check to:
Tomm Aldridge 1810 Cameo Ct NW Olympia, WA 98502 (Ted is on a family trip through January)

 Many of us have wondered, will Friendship Force Int. and the Olympia chapter last?? Wha􏰊􏰋t's t􏰊he poin􏰊t?􏰒 Hang in there by paying your membership dues. We will survive through your support and come out of the COVID 19 pandemic ready and eager to get reacquainted with members from all over the world. Remember all 􏰊the wonderful "friends"􏰂 you have made through their visits to our club or acting as an ambassador in your travels 

We had our first virtual gathering December 5th at 5. Not all of you connected but it was wonderful to see many of your faces. We tried to go around the group and ask what we'􏰅ve all been up to. Of course we didn􏰅t hear from everyone who joined us. All we attendees will need to work on not talking over each other􏰉.(even though that􏰅s what we do when we􏰅re together)

Our next scheduled 5th at 5 is on March 5th 2021. Tomm Aldridge sent out the invitation to all on the email list here􏰅s the link so you can join our merry group to welcome in the new year.