Club Member News

This page is devoted to news, activities and information of particular interest to the Olympia club membership.

November 5th@5p.


Let Karen Sweeney know if you plan to attend.

FREE SILENT MOVIE: Wednesday, October 23, 2019.
Silent movie night has returned to the silver screen at the Elks Lodge,
1818...4th Ave East, Olympia.
Staring “Buster Keaton”, with piano accompaniment by “Dave Milne”.

Possible incoming domestic with Shelby, NC and Quad Cities in Iowa. Nothing set yet.
Possible outgoing domestic with Dallas club (maybe April 2020). Nothing set yet.
Incoming international journey with Tamworth Australia to Flathead Valley and then to Greater Olympia. Probably July, 2020. Gwen Harfst and Georgia Shaw Holden.
Outbound journey international journey to Brandon (and area), Canada (Manitoba). Preferred date September 2020. Journey coordinator needed.

Thinking ahead: FFI has given our club it's matches for 2020.  For inbound, Tamworth, Australia is going to Medicine Hat, Canada and then to Greater Olympia and then to Flathead Valley, USA.  August is the suggested month.

For outbound, Greater Olympia, USA to Brandon and Area, Canada.  September is the suggested month.

We are also welcome to plan our own domestic journeys.  Either inbound or outbound.

Watch Via email for additional detail information about each activity as it draws near.