Club Member News

April 16th, at 2:00, will be the next quarterly meeting-

        Vista Village


Next  FFGO  Happy Hour
May 1st. at 4:00 2023

Our inbound and outbound journeys are open for you to plan ahead to 2023

It is never too early to start your planning for the great trip that is being built for our 2023 travel season. along with meeting new friends, both through domestic and internationally travel is an important part of your membership motivation.

Here is the journey that is already being set up by our Greater Olympia Friendship Force. Start getting ready to join us for at least one of  programs, either incoming or outgoing!

Outbound for 2023

Coatepc, Mexico April 21-26 Tomm Aldridge

      Journey Coordinator (360) 581-7664

                                       Ambassador application and $250.00 

                                       deposit is due to Tomm Aldridge.


Inbound for 2023

Nairobi and Cape Town, South Africa, July, 10-17 2023 

Teresa Wilkin Journey Coordinator

  (214) 693-1503 

Oita, Japan August 31-September 7,2023

Judy Filip Coordinator

(360) 459 5726


You can now sign-up for our September, Summer 2023 camping activity.  Go to Washington State Parks Reservation System and sign-up then join us at Seaquest State Park, near Castlerock, on September, 12-13, 2023.

In order to be close together, we are reserving spots in the low number sites.  Any questions?  Contact Karen Sweeney or Mikel Young.

Please join us, making these journeys, a success for both the traveler and our club.



2023 International Conference

The next International Conference will be in Dubrovnik.
October of 2023
Start now to plan for your trip to this lovely part of the world.