Our Mission: To be a multi-cultural club that promotes world peace, friendship and cultural understanding through international and domestic group exchanges. Fostering international goodwill through personal relationships.


Each year since 1984 The Friendship Force of Greater Olympia has hosted guests from around the world.

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Exchanges of up  to 25 people spend a week in Olympia homes, see the sites and experience life in our corner of the world. Guests are citizen "ambassadors." In addition we have the opportunity to visit one of the 60 countries around the globe and experience their hospitality. 

People who meet as strangers at the beginning of the week are firm friends by the end. In 1978, years before Olympia had a local organization, the first Washington exchange took place, only the second year of Friendship Force's existence. The format for exchanges has changed over the years but the goal is still the same: To connect across the barriers of space, language and culture that separate people. 

Travel is the means, and hospitality is the method to form bonds of friendship that stretch across the miles and years.

A world of friends is a world of peace. YOU can make a difference.


Olympia, Washington is the Capital city of the state of Washington and the county seat of Thurston County. It was incorporated in 1859. Olympia is serviced by rail and bus with SeaTac airport the closest air terminus with shuttle connections to Olympia. 

The city is located about 60 miles south of Seattle at the southern end of the Puget Sound on Budd Inlet and is a port city. The city has lots of recreational boating and nice lakes and streams. There are beautiful views of hills and mountains, with The Olympic and Cascades ranges dominated by "the mountain" --Mount Rainier. 

While the region is known for its rain, the summers usually are moderate and sunny with the best weather months being June, July and August with temperatures in the mid 70 F (23 C) with lots of blue sky. 

The region has two other good size cities, Lacey and Tumwater, that form a single urban area. The region is home to several institutions of higher learning including The Evergreen State College, St. Martin's University and South Puget Sound Community College.

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